1st Masonic District of Pa. Second Annual Car Show

On Saturday July 8th, 2017 the 1st Masonic District of Pa. held their second Annual Car Show and Fund Raiser at the Masonic Villages in Elizabethtown, Pa. The weather was perfect for a Car Show and both participants and spectators enjoyed the ideal conditions  for the event. There were approximately 130 entries, with each of the ten Lodges picking their winner for the show. Each Lodge winner was presented a trophy with that Lodge’s name and number of the trophy. There was plenty of food for everyone, with oldies music being played during the entire event. New this year were excursions  by the Masonic Villages buses to the new Rooster’s Woodshop and the Train Station display, which many participants  took advantage of. Also new this year was the Central Pa. Blood Bank Mobile for donating blood. During the event 32 people donated blood which will help save approximately  84 lives in are area. All  ten Lodges participated in the event, which makes it easy to achieve success. The event planners, Bro. Barry Rissmiller and Bro. Ron Bair did a terrific job at organizing the event. The District raised approximately $ 2,500.00 dollars which all will be donated to the Masonic Youth Groups, the Lancaster Dyslexia Learning Center, and the Masonic Villages. The District is looking forward to this event in 2018 same place and time. Pictured below are numerous cars, trophies, organizers, and the 50-50 winner.