Board of Governor’s 2015

Board of Gov. 2015 005The Board of Governor’s and Officers for 2015 are 1st row l to r:  Bro. Joshua Parmer WM of Lodge No. 43, Bro. Terry Millard WM of Manheim Lodge No. 587, Bro. Bruce Jackson  Secretary of Charles M. Howell Lodge No. 496 and Secretary for the School, Bro. Larry A. Derr DDGM, Bro. Gene Geib WM of Abraham C, Treichler Lodge No. 682, Bro. David Gallagher WM of Ephrata Lodge No. 665  2nd row l to r: Bro. Ray Greiner Emeritus Principal of the School, Bro. Ronald Carson WM of Lamberton Lodge No. 476 and Principal of the School, Bro. Douglas Scheid SMC Lodge No. 43 and Assistant Secretary of the School, Bro. Abram Schaffner WM Mount Lebanon Lodge No. 226, Bro. Andy Mull WM of Charles M. Howell No. 496, and Bro. Clair Knight WM of Columbia Lodge No. 286. Missing form the picture are; Bro. Jeffrey Kauffman WM of Ashara-Casiphia Lodge NO. 551 and Bro. Michael Marrone WM of Mount Olivet Lodge No. 704.