Car Show at the Masonic Villages

Saturday July 9, 2016 the 1st Masonic District held their first Annual Fundraiser and Car Show at the Masonic Villages in Elizabethtown, Pa. The event attracted approximately 170 vehicles for the event. Bro. Barry Rissmiller, Bro. Ronald Bair, and Bro. Robert Blackwood were the organizers and coordinators of the event. Each of the 10 Lodges in the District had a specific function to perform for the Show and did an outstanding job performing their function. The weather was perfect and the attendance was very good for the event. There were a total of 19 trophies awarded, 10 of these trophies were from each Lodge in the District with their name and Lodge number on the trophy. Each Lodge got to choose a winner and their trophy was present to their choice. (see the winner for each Lodge attached) To compliment the show there were 50/50 drawings, a Chinese auction, DeMolay coin toss, Jobs Daughter’s event and rock and roll music played during the entire show. There were also a number of food vendors on hand to feed the visitors.  All money raised will be donated to the Masonic Villages, Masonic Youth Groups, and the Lancaster Dyslexia Center. Money raised from the event was approximately $ 4,600.00 dollars. Thanks to all who participated and helped for a very worthwhile cause.car_show_2016_001 car_show_2016_004 car_show_2016_005 car_show_2016_006 car_show_2016_007 car_show_2016_009 car_show_2016_011 car_show_2016_012 car_show_2016_014 car_show_2016_015Winners: Jeff Sauders Lodge No. 43 Car 14 1939 Chevy, Barbara Walsh Lodge No. 226 Car 53 1962 Lincoln, Dave Billheimer Lodge No.286 Car 11 1956 Thunderbird, Kurt Fry Lodge No.476 Car 79 2004 Ford, Ed Cornelius Lodge No.496 Car 35 1938 Ford, Jerry Sherman Lodge No.551 Car 113 1913 Ford, Don Heistand Lodge No.587 Car 114 1937 Ford, Howard Custer Lodge No.665 Car 39 1961 Model B, Tim Simpson Lodge No.682 Car 102 1964 Dodge, Donald Smith Lodge No.704 Car 61 1950 Mercury.