Carbon Lodge member visits Lodge 43

FTunisPhoto-6674-2John Cooper from Carbon Masonic  Lodge No. 242 visited one of Lancaster’s oldest Lodge’s Lodge No. 43 for their February 11, 2015 Stated Meeting. Cooper had a wonderful time, he is a 60 plus year member of the Masonic fraternity who now resides at the Mennonite Home in Lancaster. Pictured is Brother Cooper with Lodge No. 43 Worshipful Master Joshua Parmer and also with officers of Lodge No. 43.

FTunisPhoto-6678-2It was a fun, well attended, and enjoyable evening for everyone and great to see Brother Cooper, a man with so much Masonic history to his credit. Officers in group picture are: Joshua D. Parmer, Brett A. Cook, Thomas J. Quinn, Ryan W. Tuma, Andrew Bieber, L. Kenneth Bray, III, Todd A. Bennicas, Nathan V. Flood, Jason J. Caneal, and Jason Howard Lewis.