Lodge In The Woods

Pictures of the Biennial “Lodge In The Woods” held at Camp Mack Camp Reservation, Wednesday September 16, 2015. The pictures tell the story how everyone present thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There were 3 Daniel Carter Beard Awards presented, 8 Master Builder Awards presented, and one Grand Master’ Award present at the meeting under the stars. If you did not attend it was your loss. The next “Lodge In The Woods” event is planned for Wednesday September 20, 2017. Plan ahead.frank_tunis_photo-0241 frank_tunis_photo-0265 frank_tunis_photo-0270 frank_tunis_photo-0273 frank_tunis_photo-0281 frank_tunis_photo-0285 frank_tunis_photo-0290 frank_tunis_photo-0295 frank_tunis_photo-0301 frank_tunis_photo-0315 frank_tunis_photo-0318 frank_tunis_photo-0323 frank_tunis_photo-0325 frank_tunis_photo-0338 frank_tunis_photo-0342