Lodge No. 496 Table Lodge

Attached are pictures of the Charles M. Howell Lodge No. 496 Table Lodge. Lamberton Lodge No. 476 served the meal this evening for the Table Lodge and Charles M. Howell Lodge No. 496 serves the meal for Lamberton Lodge No. 476 when they have their Table Lodge. The DDGM Larry A. Derr presented Bro. Steve Hambleton with his Master Builders Award at this event. Great night for Freemasonry. millersvile_lodge-4302 millersvile_lodge-4311 millersvile_lodge-4312 millersvile_lodge-4313 millersvile_lodge-4314 millersvile_lodge-4318 millersvile_lodge-4325 millersvile_lodge-4326 millersvile_lodge-4329