Masonic Education

The purpose of Masonic Education at each Lodge is to cover the educational components of all candidates as they proceed through their initiation into the Lodge. This process is divided into three steps, represented symbolically as the stages of a practicing stone mason: Entered Apprentice Mason (First Degree), Fellow Craft Mason (Second Degree), and Master Mason (Third Degree). To advance from one step to the next, there are educational requirements each candidate must follow. In addition, there are historical and conceptual teachings which are to be presented. It is in this capacity the Masonic Education Committee serves the lodge by seeing that all candidates complete the training they need.

Link to Masonic Education Information of Pa Grand Lodge. You will need to register a username and password for the Educational Portal will be the same as your Grand Lodge Member Services username and Password.  If you do not have a Grand Lodge Member Services username, please notify your Secretary so that they may better assist you.

The Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge strives to create an environment that encourages Masons to seek a greater understanding of the nature and purposes of Freemasonry in all its many aspects – past, present, and future – and to share that understanding with others.

To this end, the Academy offers learning opportunities in which Masons may participate in dialogues with similarly inclined brethren, witness prominent Masonic scholars discussing various aspects of Freemasonry, and pursue home study at their own pace and in their own areas of interest, through publications on Masonic subjects recommended by the Academy.

In addition to providing a learning experience for Freemasons, the Academy is a vehicle affording recognition to Masons who share their knowledge of Freemasonry with fellow Masons or the public by the written or spoken word.

PA Masonic Academy link


A three part program of Education & Fellowship for newly raised Master Masons

Part 1: Mentor Program – An internet based learning program

Part 2: Masonic History – An internet based learning program

Part 3: A personal adventure in Masonic Fellowship and Learning

To complete the Master Builders Program and attain the Grand Master’s Achievement Recognition Award the newly made Master mason must satisfactorily complete Parts 1 and 2 through the  internet based learning programs provided through the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and fulfill mandatory and voluntary requirements of Part 3 within one year of being raised.

Mandatory Requirements

1. Attend a stated meeting of your home lodge.

2. Attend an extra meeting of your home lodge.

3. Attend at least one meeting of another lodge in your district.

4. Serve as greeter for one of your lodge’s stated meetings.

5. Attend an Official Visitation of the DDGM within your district.

6. Attend at least one of your lodge’s fellowship events.

7. Assist in a fund raising event held by your lodge. (If applicable)

8. Completion of your Blue Lodge’s Mentor Program as required by  the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania’s Education Committee.

9. Attend a youth group meeting within your district or region.

10. Assist the Secretary or other members in contacting members in  danger of being suspended to discuss with them what you believe  to be the benefits of their Masonic membership.

Fulfill At Least Three Of The Voluntary Criteria Listed Below

1. Participate in a degree conferred by your lodge.

2. Be the first line signer on a petition for membership in your lodge.

3. Contact a brother who has not attended lodge in the last six months and invite him to accompany you to the next stated meeting.  (The brother must accept and attend in order for these criteria to be   completed.)

4. Assume responsibility for arranging a Masonic Education program  for your lodge. This may be done by you or by someone else by your  invitation with the Worshipful Master’s approval.

5. Attend a quarterly communication of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

6. Attend either a stated meeting of The Pennsylvania Lodge of Research  or the Academy of Masonic Knowledge.