Masonic Scholarships

The time of year is upon us again, and that time of year is SCHOLARSHIP TIME!

Did you know the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation publishes a resource guide outlining over three dozen scholarships available in Pennsylvania? They range from scholarships sponsored by particular lodges and appendant bodies to youth groups and bequests / trusts.

Popular Scholarships in the First Masonic District are:

  • The Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation Scholarship
  • The Leon M. Abbott Scholarship of the Scottish Rite
  • Lodge No. 43’s Daryl S. Flinn, PM, Scholarship
  • Ephrata Lodge No. 665, Scholarship Fund and the W. Frank Bolder Memorial Scholarship
  • Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682’s Educational Assistance Fund

These and other scholarships are listed in the guide from many Masonic Lodges, Appendant Bodies, and Youth Groups. To view the resource guide visit:

To access the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundations Scholarship Overview and application processes, visit:

Contact your Lodge’s Representative to the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation if you have further questions.