Special Night of Masonry

The 1st Masonic District of Pa. put a page in their deep history by Raising 10 Candidates, simultaneously and in one accord, to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on Wednesday June 24, 2015. The occasion was made even more special by the fact that the event was held at the Old Lodge Room of Lodge No. 43, 5 West King Street, Lancaster, Pa. The Lodge Room dates back to 1785 when Lodge No. 43, was first Chartered by the Provincial Lodge of England. The degrees were conferred by the 1st Masonic District Degree Team, which did an outstanding job. In order to accomplish the task of Raising 10 Brothers simultaneously there were a total of 30 guides involved plus the Degree Team. It was truly a site to see. The meeting was attended by approximately 125 Brothers total, who were treated to a very “Special Night of Masonry”. The “Old Lodge Room” is truly a site to see. It was night that will not be forgotten by all who attended.

Top Photo from L to R seated: Bro. Nevin L. Post, Mount Lebanon Lodge No. 226, Bro. Carl I. Ross, Lamberton Lodge No. 476, Bro. John L. Shreiner, Ephrata Lodge No. 665, Bro. Robert T. Narkowski, Ashara-Casiphia Lodge No. 551, Bro. Kenneth A. Brennen, Ephrata Lodge No. 665. standing L to R  Bro. Ronald Carson WM Lamberton Lodge No. 476 and Principal of the School of Instruction, Bro. Josh Parmer WM Lodge No. 43 and the conferring Officer, Bro. Brandon Fowler, Ephrata Lodge No. 665, Bro. Wayne Millard, Lamberton Lodge No. 476, Bro. John R. Fritz, Ephrata Lodge No. 665, Bro. David D. Gerhart, Mount Lebanon Lodge No. 226, Bro. Joseph B. Walton, Lamberton Lodge No. 476, and Bro. Larry A. Derr District Deputy Grand Master of the 1st Masonic District.