Writing a blog post

Our First Masonic District website gets a lot of traffic at times – So how should my lodge submit a blog post that can be used on this website? Well, we have addressed a few things here that may help you to write a blog post so everyone in the First Masonic District will be able to see and share your news.

  • Have a great Title for the post, studies suggest the title is what catches the attention of perspective viewers. Keep it simple and avoid stop words in your title such as “a”, “and”, “but”, “how”, “or”, and “what.”
  • Images, a few images can really help to tell a story. Pictures can be from your mobile and don’t have to be professional quality. Smaller size jpeg, jpg images are best in most cases. Also, attaching Word or PDF documents or artwork specific to the blog post are often helpful.
  • Target the audience your trying to reach. Keep in mind blog post here go out to the First Masonic District and the public. A good post will often be being linked to Social Media pages representing our District.
  • Educate the reader with the content, be specific as to references of dates, times etc. If possible have a call to action. Keep it short and sweet – you don’t need to write a book or even a page however try and write two or three paragraphs which tells the story or announcement your trying to make. Please avoid sending in one sentence as your blog post.
  • Be timely, old news is better than no news but preparing something ahead of time increases awareness.
  • Use original content and images and avoid any copyright infringement.

Send your blog post to firstmasonicdistrictofpa@gmail.com, the DDGM and our Website Communications team will review and do our best have your blog post up asap. We post most stories, announcements, events, etc. quickly. If we have concerns or questions we will let you know.