All Ten Lodges in the 1st Masonic District, will be collecting non-perishable food for their Local Food Bank during 2017. They will be collecting for June and for December. Please bring your donation to each meeting of your Lodge. It is a small way we can give back to our communities. 

Larry A. Derr, P.M., D.D.G.M.

Larry A. Derr, P.M., D.D.G.M.

The 1st Masonic District of Pennsylvania would like to thank all of the Officers, Members and Guest who participated in so many of the activities in the 1st Masonic District during the 2016 year. Without your participation and support the programs would not have been a big success. To highlight just a few of the activities; The 1st Masonic District School of Instruction eclipsed the 600 member attendance for the fourth year in a row, with 619 members and guest attending in 2016. The “Participation Trophy” was presented for the 5th time at the November School of Instruction meeting, with Ashara-Casiphia Lodge No. 551 winning the Trophy. Congratulations to all the Officers and members who made that possible. The Right Worshipful Grand Master, Bro. Raymond T. Dietz, held a state wide One Day Masonic Journey on Saturday, October 29, 2016, and the 1st Masonic District was proud to have 47 new candidates participate in this class and become members. It was a great day for Freemasonry. The District held their first “Open Table Lodge” at Manhiem Lodge No. 587 on Wednesday June 1, 2016 with approximately  90 Brothers, Wives, Children, and Guest in attendance. July 9. 2016 was the first, District Car Show and Fund Raiser, which was held at the Masonic Villages in Elizabethtown. The proceeds of approximately five thousand dollars, were donated to the Lancaster Dyslexia Learning Center, Elizabethtown DeMolay, Job’s Daughters Bethel 15, and the Masonic Villages. All ten Lodges in the District had specific responsibilities for the show and the turnout was great with 170 cars, trucks and motorcycles participating in the event. The District Degree Team was also in action again for the fourth year in a row with all participants receiving their degrees in full Masonic Fashion. Memorial Day weekend was celebrated by the Officers of the District by again participating in the Mount Joy Memorial Day Parade with the assistance of the Grand Lodge Floats, National Sojourners, and Masonic Villages. November saw the District Degree Team conduct the RWGM’s Veteran’s Program for each Lodge in the District along with the participation of the National Sojourners from the Masonic Villages, and Bro. Terry Millard PM playing “Taps”. There were a total of approximately 200 Veterans Honored during these presentations. The District wide Blood Drives were held again for the 8th year in a row with proceeds of one thousand five hundred and seventy dollars donated to the Lancaster Dyslexia Learning Center. Thanks to all who were donors. The District presented the First, Worshipful Master of the Year Award with the late Bro. Lloyd B. Hall PM of Charles M. Howell Lodge No. 496 receiving the honor. This will be a yearly honor presented by the District.

2017 promises to be a very exciting, busy, and rewarding year for the District. The year starts off with the Annual Officers Workshop held at Manheim Lodge No. 587 on Saturday January 7, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. This meeting is one of the most important meetings of the year with very valuable and useful information being discussed. New this year will be a presentation on Leadership and Organizational Skills. The year continues with the District Degree Team conferring degrees March 1stApril 5th, and May 3rd at Manheim Lodge No. 587 at 7:00 p.m. The April 5th conferral will be at Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682 at 7:00 p.m. Come out and witness some of the best degree work in the State of Pennsylvania. The Secretary’s Seminar will be held February 4th, and the Leadership Seminar will be held March 11th, both at the Masonic Villages in Elizabethtown. Regional School will be held March 25th in Reading. The District will again participate in the Mount Joy Memorial Day Parade on Saturday May 27th. The District Car Show and Fund Raiser will be held on Saturday July 8th, at the Masonic Villages in Elizabethtown. Wednesday, September 27th will be the semi-annual “Lodge in the Woods” event at Camp Mack, with presentations of the Daniel Carter Beard Award by the Grand Lodge Officers, don’t miss this event, it was attended by over 350 Brothers in 2015. Other events taking place in the District are the Academy of Masonic Knowledge March 18th and October 28st, and Autumn Days October 21st, both at the Masonic Villages in Elizabethtown. The RWGM is planning another state wide “One Day Masonic Journey” on Saturday September 23rd. Along with these events each Lodge will be holding their Table Lodges and Open Houses, check the website for dates and times. The District Blood Drives will also take place during the year, check the website for dates and locations. Each Lodge will also be holding nonperishable Food Drives for the Food Banks in their area, collections will be for June and December.

Grand Lodge will be holding their Quarterly Communications on Saturday June 24th in Pittsburgh and Wednesday, December 6th in Philadelphia. The Annual Communication will be held on Wednesday, December 27th in Hershey, Pa.

As always, none of these activities can be successful without your participation. Bro. Ronald Carson PM and Principal of the School of Instruction, the Assistant Principals, Officers, and participants work very hard on each activity and your support and attendance is needed to truly be successful.

I look forward to another great year in the 1st Masonic District for Freemasonry, and in the state of Pennsylvania and around the world. Remember, the world is a better place because of Freemasonry, and the good deeds we perform each and every day. Share the light of Freemasonry with others that they may know the joy of this Great Organization.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Larry A. Derr

District Deputy Grand Master

1st Masonic District of Pa.


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