Communication from Ronald B. Carson, DDGM District 1 Dec. 31st, 2020

Good evening Brothers,

I wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family a Happy New Year with hope that 2021 brings us Joy, Happiness and Fraternal pleasure.

2020 is a year that I will never forget let alone never imagined. Like you, I personally struggled with the multitude of challenges that we were presented with, individually and collectively as a Fraternity. Everyday seemed like a new challenge or problem arose that was out of our control.

While many decisions were made, some not so popular and others, well again, not so popular, looking at our Fraternity as a whole, safety and well being is the first and foremost at the forefront of all our decisions. I keep being reminded that “this too, shall pass”. Like you, I am ready to close this year and move on.

2021 already has us faced with some challenges. However, those challenges I know, together, we will conquer and overcome. We, each of us, together is what make this our Fraternity what it is today. I am proud to stand by you and am excited to get back to our Fraternal work.

I will be releasing some statistics here in the near future regarding District as well as events upcoming during the first quarter of the new year. Until then……..

Be safe, and HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Ronald B. Carson, DDGM
District 1