Communication from Ronald B. Carson, DDGM District 1

June 21st, 2020
Today is a day that is celebrated throughout the nation as a special day for Fathers. Allow me to share some thoughts with each of you.

When I first began my journey I found that our Fraternity had so much to offer. From education, knowledge to be gained, history, ceremonies that date back 100’s of years, but most importantly Masons that I was able to look at and say, I want to be like them.

Too often, as a Mason, our younger Brothers look at us as a Father figure to some degree or wish to aspire to be like us. (Please note that I am not implying us old by far, however, our years of wisdom, knowledge, etc., and yes I am getting old especially with my “Covid non cut hair” LOL)

Remember back to when you took your Entered Apprentice Oath. Do you recall that? Look at the impact that has(s) on you. Since your 1st Degree, you each became a Master Mason and flourished into many other appended bodies. We do this to gain more knowledge and make a difference. We live our Virtues daily and when anyone of us are struggling, we know that our Mentor or another Brother is a call away. That Brother is a confidant and is safety net, a no “Judgement Zone”.

I can not express to each of you enough, THANK YOU. Thank you for being you, living your oaths, being that Mentor in aspects you may never realize. Whether you are a Dad, Grandfather, God Father, Step Dad, or where many many other hats, know that you are making a difference in peoples lives.  You are the one that makes the light in peoples eye glow and want more. I am PROUD to be a Mason and your Brother!

Soon we will be back in the Lodges together! Stay tuned much more information coming out later this week.

Ronald B. Carson, DDGM
District 1