Lodge No. 476 Children’s Christmas Party

On Saturday, December 9th, at The Lancaster Masonic Center Lamberton Lodge No. 476 held their Children’s Christmas Party.  They had several Lodge Members Children and Grandchildren present for the event. A big hit other than the cookies and presents, was the punch, made by Sandy Hoover, mother of our WM Jason Hoover. Watching the parents unpack the gifts was priceless. Everyone present enjoyed the celebration.

Carving of George Washington heads to new home


Full-size carving of George Washington heads to new home in Elizabethtown
LINDSEY BLEST | Staff Writer Dec 5, 2017

A full-size carving of George Washington was packed up in Lancaster on Tuesday for a 20-mile trip to its new home in Elizabethtown.
The wooden statue has been in the Masonic Center of Lancaster County for several years, where it was kept with other artifacts on the fourth floor of the 213 W. Chestnut St. building, according to Samuel Fleming, previous master of Lodge 43. The statue was moved to the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, where it will be seen by more people. “We’d rather have
it be available to more people to appreciate it and look at it,” Fleming said. The statue was displayed at the Lancaster Heritage Center in 1974 and was moved to the mason’s center after the museum closed in 2011, Fleming said. He and other masons are not sure who the sculptor is, but think it was carved about 200 years ago.“We really can’t justify leaving it here (at the Masonic Center). It needs a special kind of atmosphere,” Fleming said.

The 1st Masonic District- Lloyd N. Hall Trophy – Participation Trophy

The 1st Masonic District School of Instruction was proud to present two awards at their last meeting of 2017. The “Lloyd N. Hall Trophy”, is presented to the Worshipful Master of the year for the 1st masonic District, selected by all the Worshipful Masters of the District. This year’s winner was Bro. Jason Martin WM of Ephrata Lodge No. 665. Congratulations to Bro. Jason for a job well done. Also presented for the 6th year in a row, was the “Participation Trophy” This year’s winner was Ashara-Casiphia Lodge No. 551. Congratulations to all the Officers and Members who made this possible for Ashara-Casiphia Lodge No. 551. The School of Instruction was proud to report again for the fifth year in a row over 600 Brothers had attended the School for the year. Congratulations to all who attended, it is a true testimony of the great ritualistic work done in the District. The School also thanked the Principal, Bro. Ronald B. Carson PM for his service as Principal of the School of Instruction, who is stepping down to become the new DDGM of the 1st Masonic District. They also thanked Bro. Larry A. Derr  DDGM for his leadership and commitment to the School as he steps down as DDGM to become the new RWJGW of the Grand Lodge of Pa. Congratulations also go out to Bro. Jeff Moyer PM and new Principal of the School of Instruction. Congratulations to all.


Larry A. Derr  DDGM 01

Ephrata Lodge No. 665 Stated meeting November 14th, 2017

Ephrata Lodge No. 665 held their regular Stated meeting on Tuesday November 14th, 2017. This would not be a normal Stated meeting for a number of reasons. First it was the first opening, soft opening, of the new banquet facility in the lower level as shown in some of the pictures. This was a project created by the Members and built by the Members. The Grand Opening will be at the December Stated meeting. This would also be Veterans and First Responders night. The Lodge meeting was opened by the WM Bro Jason Martin, with a few details taking place and then the meeting was closed and the District degree Team performed the Grand Master’s Veteran’s program ending with the Flag Folding and explanation of the folds of the Flag and with the playing of Taps. Next on the agenda was the performance of the old 19th Scottish Rite degree (since discarded) by the Reading Consistory Members. This degree is about the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and Brothers helping Brothers. Very well done by the cast. On this evening there were approximately 35 Veterans and 8 First Responders honored, each given Lapel Emblems from the Grand Lodge. Well deserved by all. The Lodge meeting was again opened and the business of the Lodge was resumed. To the surprise of the WM, Bro. Jason Martin,  Bro. Larry A. Derr DDGM presented him with the 2017 Worshipful Master of the year Award. This was a Great night for Freemasonry and for all in general with a completely full Lodge room. Congratulations to Ephrata Lodge No. 665 for a Great night and Bro. Jason Martin for Worshipful Master of the year.


Larry A. Derr  DDGM 01

Brother District Deputy and Principal Instructor,

Attached for your records is the First Responders gift that I presented last night.  I thought each of you would be interested in reading it as is felt great honoring them in addition to the Veterans last night. Thank you once again for honoring and presenting me with the Lloyd Hall Award last night before my brethren in the lodge.  I know they all appreciated it.  It was a pleasure to have both of you visit Ephrata Lodge and I look forward to working with each of you in various capacities in the future.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Jason A. Martin Worshipful Master Ephrata Lodge No. 665



Lodge No. 43 Veteran’s program

On Wednesday evening November 8, 2017 Lodge No. 43 held a Veteran’s program before their stated meeting to honor their Veterans. The program was lead by Bro. Toad Hoak of Ephrata Lodge No. 665 and the District Degree Officers. There were a total of 23 Veterans honored at the program with each being presented with a Grand Lodge Veterans Lapel emblem. The program ended with the Flag folding program performed by the Harrisburg Sojourners. This was a very special night for one Veteran present by the name of Randy Rice who would later receive all three degrees and become a member of Lodge No. 43. It was a great night for Freemasonry for Lodge No. 43 and the 1st Masonic District.


Larry A. Derr  DDGM 01


Lodge No. 476 Veteran’s program

On Tuesday evening Lamberton Lodge No. 476 held a Veterans program for all Veterans, which was conducted by the District Degree Team lead by Bro. Todd Hoak of Ephrata Lodge No. 665. The program ended with the Flag Folding

ceremony by Bro. Ronald Carson and Bro. Clyde Snyder. There were a total of 21 Veterans honored this evening and presented with the Grand Lodge Lapel pin. It was very well received program and well done by all. Please view the pictures which accompany  this article.


Larry A. Derr DDGM 01

Lodge No. 43 and 496 joint Table Lodge

Lodge No. 43 and Charles M. Howell Lodge No. 496 held a joint Table Lodge meeting on Wednesday October 11, 2018, which made possible by a dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Pa. This was a first for these Lodges who both meet on the same night for their Stated meetings. Each Lodge held a short business meeting using their own warrants, which lasted approximately 30 minutes. The Officers for the Table Lodge were the JWs, SWs, and WMs of both Lodges, in proper regalia, who sat together at the stations. Bro. Jeff Moyer PM, and the next Principal for the School of Instruction, gave instruction for the Table Lodge, to all in attendance. The speakers for the evening were Bro. Jason Lewis, who spoke on the Grand Lodge of Pa. and Charles M. Howell Lodge No. 496, Bro. Richard Ratliff, who spoke on Bro. George Washington, who was interrupted during his talk by non other than Bro. George, (Bro. Oliver Lewis) himself who helped Bro. Richard with his talk.. The last speaker was Bro. Isreal Pagan, who spoke on Masonry around the  world.

The event was attended by over 50 Brothers and enjoyed by all. There is talk of making this an annual event for both Lodges. When we as Masonic Members can think outside the box, and create something new, like this joint venture, Masonry takes a giant step forward. Thanks to all who made this night possible.


Larry A. Derr  DDGM 01


Lodge in the Woods” at Camp Mack Scout Reservation

Wednesday September 27, 2017, the 1st Masonic District of Pa. held their fifth biannual “Lodge in the Woods” event at Camp Mack Scout Reservation. This event features a full course steak dinner which is served from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m in the pavilion of the complex. At 7:00 p.m. a meeting is held at the outside amphitheatre under the stars around two firepits.  The Grand Lodge Officers have always been present for this event and this year was no exception. The meeting was turned over to the RWGM Bro. Raymond T. Dietz by the WM Bro. Jason Martin of Ephrata Lodge.  Nine of the of the 10 WMs of the 1st Masonic District served in Officers Chairs for the event. The District was very proud to present 9 Daniel Carter Beard Awards, 3 Grand Master’s Awards to Lodges, 14 Master Builder Awards, 3 Master Craftsman Awards, and 1 Master Pillar Award during the meeting. This is a true reflection of how hard this District works on achieving excellence in Freemasonry. There were approximately 300 Brothers in attendance with about 22 Grand Lodge Representatives. What a Great Night for Freemasonry. With this being a fundraising event, and given the hardships created by hurricanes this season the committee had decided to give all proceeds to the MSA Hurricane Relief Fund for victims in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Through the ticket sales and the passing of the hat we were able to donate $ 4,400.00 dollars to MSA. Also presented at the meeting was a check for $ 5,000.00 dollars to the RWGM for the Blood Organ Donor Club by Bro. Mark Mattern from the Grotto Group. Masons caring and giving for great causes. Thanks to everyone who attended and gave of their time and resources to make this event possible. The next “Lodge in the Woods” event will be held on Wednesday September 18, 2019, at the same location. Mark your calendars.

Photographer Bro. Larry Hudson.


Larry A. Derr  DDGM 01