Update: Communication from Ronald B. Carson DDGM

June 4, 2020

Worshipful Master and Brothers,

Recently, Governor Tom Wolfe announced that Lancaster County & Lebanon County will be moving to the “Yellow Phase” on June 5th, 2020. While our restrictions do change, as in accordance with our R.W.G.M. directive, we are still under Masonic Suspension for all activities until July 1st, 2020 or until otherwise notified. I strongly encourage all the Officers to please familiarize themselves with the requirements of the “Yellow Phase”.

As a result of the Commonwealth moving to the “Yellow Phase”, we are still not permitted to have Stated Lodge Meetings, Extra Meetings, gatherings, etc. While I am the first to acknowledge missing the entire Fraternity and gatherings, I too, must abide by these rules. I trust that each of you are utilizing social media and “zoom meetings” to help keep our Brothers informed and such.

As each of us are aware, our society is under distress in many ways. While a large majority of society is protesting and demonstrating their rights, these gatherings bring many challenges to innocent people that are becoming collateral damage. Recently we have been witnessing to firsthand accounts of what is transpiring in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, York and most recently Lancaster City. What started out as challenges from crowds that gather to what appears to be more peaceful, we must keep in mind that there are “groups” that are causing more harm than good and carrying out agendas that cause chaos in what is supposed to be peaceful.

As a result, I CANNOT permit Lodges and Brothers to go out into the City of Lancaster without appropriate permission to participate as a Mason or Fraternity in any fashion. I understand that each of us feel like we should be doing more to help, however, we are also under directives set forth by the R.W.G.M.. Very soon, we can and will partake in coordinated events to make our communities cleaner and better. However, until then, we must continue to follow these directives.

I continue to thank you for being innovative and following our oaths as Masons. I am very appreciative and grateful for each of you and cherish the bond of Fellowship and Fraternity. There is an old saying that goes extremely far. That saying is “Conversations produce change, Arguments produce division”. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Ronald B. Carson, DDGM

Happy Fourth of July

Brothers of District 1,

I take this time to reflect on what this special day means to me, our Fraternity and our Country. Have you ever sat back and thought about what our Brother George Washington during those trying tenuous and pernicious times?, the determination?, Courage?, Fear?, and much more.

While our current society can be compared to somewhat of similar situation, I find refuge in our heritage and strong pillars of our Fraternity. Our solid core values continues to carry us through, similar to the founding Fathers of the United States of America, our Fraternal Brothers.

Many of our Brothers, just in our District have provided service in a branch of our Military. Some have come home, some made the ultimate sacrifice of life for our Country, our Freedom, our values and morals and finally our Fraternity. Often we often forget our fallen Brothers through the commercialization of these sacred days. Let us not forget those who have sacrificed for us, who have served in our Armed Services to provide us with the Freedom we enjoy today.

Personally, sometimes I do not think I say this enough, but Thank You to each of you, my Brothers, especially those who served and or currently service in any branch of our Armed Services and all our First Responders who help keep us safe at our home.

Happy 244th Birthday America! 
“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!”

Ronald B. Carson, DDGM
District 1

Communication from Ronald B. Carson, DDGM District 1

June 21st, 2020
Today is a day that is celebrated throughout the nation as a special day for Fathers. Allow me to share some thoughts with each of you.

When I first began my journey I found that our Fraternity had so much to offer. From education, knowledge to be gained, history, ceremonies that date back 100’s of years, but most importantly Masons that I was able to look at and say, I want to be like them.

Too often, as a Mason, our younger Brothers look at us as a Father figure to some degree or wish to aspire to be like us. (Please note that I am not implying us old by far, however, our years of wisdom, knowledge, etc., and yes I am getting old especially with my “Covid non cut hair” LOL)

Remember back to when you took your Entered Apprentice Oath. Do you recall that? Look at the impact that has(s) on you. Since your 1st Degree, you each became a Master Mason and flourished into many other appended bodies. We do this to gain more knowledge and make a difference. We live our Virtues daily and when anyone of us are struggling, we know that our Mentor or another Brother is a call away. That Brother is a confidant and is safety net, a no “Judgement Zone”.

I can not express to each of you enough, THANK YOU. Thank you for being you, living your oaths, being that Mentor in aspects you may never realize. Whether you are a Dad, Grandfather, God Father, Step Dad, or where many many other hats, know that you are making a difference in peoples lives.  You are the one that makes the light in peoples eye glow and want more. I am PROUD to be a Mason and your Brother!

Soon we will be back in the Lodges together! Stay tuned much more information coming out later this week.

Ronald B. Carson, DDGM
District 1

First Masonic District goes Digital!

In light of the current pandemic, Masonic meetings are taking place virtually across the district! The silver lining to the “stay at home” orders is the quick adaptation of digital meetings, and the use of social media channels to keep members engaged.

The DDGM, Worshipful Masters, Secretaries, and Support Team held a virtual meeting to discuss the current state of affairs and to brainstorm on how to better communicate in the future.

While this is a learning experience for all involved, the Masonic fraternity will prevail and these new advances in communication will only better serve the craft!

February Mason of the Month

Congratulations to the First Masonic District’s February Mason of the Month:

Brother Steven K. Dochter, PM

Brother Dochter was nominated by Worshipful Brother Steven E. Hambleton (Charles M. Howell Lodge No. 496), who had this to say about our February Mason of the Month:

“Brother Dochter is always stepping up to help mentor brother no matter what time of day or night. His willingness to perform a Funeral Service at the last minute to give our deceased brother the proper send off all should receive…”

DDGM, Brother Ronald B. Carson adds, “Congratulations Brother Steve!  Your commitments to your Family, Lodge, and our Craft are admired by all.  You are a great Mentor, Ritualist, and most importantly, a wonderful friend and Brother.  I am proud to know you wish you only the best.  Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

By the way, Brother Steve has memorized a poem about Mason’s meeting on the Square.  He is reciting the poem at our Official Visits and I would encourage you to listen to it.  Please come out and listen to the powerful poem. This is just another example of Brother Steve’s love and commitment shines on our Fraternity.”

On behalf of WM Hambleton and the First Masonic District, we want to again congratulate and say, “Well done Brother Steve!”

All Masonic Activity Suspended until May 1, 2020

Brethren, the Right Worshipful Grand Master has issued the following statement. Please be aware that ALL Masonic Activities are suspended until May 1, 2020. It is important, at this time, to remember this is a precautionary measure being taken by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania to safeguard the well-being of all Masons, their families and loved ones, and the community at large.


Freemasons for a Cure, Relay for Life 2020!

We just signed up for a really important event, and we’d love it if you’d join us or help us reach our fundraising goal! It’s Relay For Life of Lancaster County, and it takes place on 06/12/2020.

What is Relay for Life? It’s the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society with over 4 million people in over 20 countries participating. We come together to celebrate cancer survivors and caregivers, remember those we’ve lost, and honor those who are currently fighting cancer.

Your donations help the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking cancer research, prevention and treatment, and crucial patient care programs.

Please consider joining Freemasons for a Cure or making a donation. https://mobileacs.org/37uk18I