Principal Instructor Jeffrey S. Moyer, P.M.

Principal Instructor Jeffrey S. Moyer, P.M.

I had no idea what to say in this message until a dear friend, Harvey McNabb former Regional Instructor for Region 4 called me (today is December 22, 2017). During our conversation we reminisced about our time as instructors, the friends we made, our travels throughout the state, and most importantly the fun we had. Harvey said we must have fun doing our work.

In 2018 I hope every one of you will enjoy your time at our School of Instruction. What a great venue to make new friends, to share our concerns and fears as we learn the ritual, to make mistakes and laugh about them, and most importantly to have fun.

Our ritual is old yet it is still relevant today. The lessons we learn help us to keep our sanity when chaos surrounds us. Every brother must decide for himself how far he wants to go with the ritual, how proficient he wants to be, and how much time he is willing to commit. I admire and respect every Brother who goes onto the floor and gives his best effort whether good or bad, although good will be expected at the Regional School next April in York.

In the third degree we use the word emulation, which means effort to match or surpass a person or achievement, typically by imitation. It is my hope that some of you will be inspired to imitate or exceed the work you will see whether it is good or bad. I’m excited about 2018. At school we will treat each other with respect, be patient, learn together, and have fun.

Sincerely and Fraternally,


Principal of The First Masonic District School of Instruction