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DeMolay Installation of Officers, Jan. 5th, Elizabethtown

Brethren, family, and friends,

Please join us Saturday January 5, 2019 at 2:00 P.M. for the installation of officers for the Elizabethtown Chapter, Order of DeMolay, including the installation of:

Master Councilor: Holden G. Green
Senior Councilor: Todd A. Schwartz, Jr.
Junior Councilor: Martin G. Stoner

You are invited to stay for a meal after installation via RSVP to: jonagreen@gmail.com

Event held at:
Masonic Temple,
Freemasons Cultural Center
Masonic Village
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

DDGM December 2018 Message and Grand Lodge Quarterly

December 3, 2018

Greetings Brethren,

December is here already and another year is just about behind us. As the Lodge’s prepare to transfer Leadership, we should remember and appreciate the time and effort the Officers and Members who worked together this year to ensure another successful year for your Lodge. Decembers Stated Meetings will be the Open Installation of Officers and I hope that you attend to support the outgoing and incoming Officers.  They work very hard for your Lodge.

This coming Saturday, December 8th, is the December Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge Of Pennsylvania at the Lancaster Convention Center (Marriott Hotel, center Square in Lancaster City). The Grand Lodge Procession begins at 9:45 am.

  • Masters and Wardens please be in full regalia, Tuxedo / tails, white gloves, officer apron and collars.
    Other officers are encouraged to do the same. Jacket and tie for members.
  • I would recommend that you arrive as early as possible, preferably no later than 9:15 AM.
  • We do not have reserved seats, however, upon arrival. Please locate Brothers from our district so we can try to sit together.
  • I will try to save seats in the North-East side of the Lodge Room (near the Secretary’s desk).

The Master Builder, Master Craftsman, and Master Pillar Awards will be presented to 18 of our Brethren in District One by the Right Worshipful Grand Master, Brother S. Eugene Herritt.

The Grand Master will also recognize the District Ritual Team of District One who finished second in the State Wide Ritual Competition.

A free lunch will be served after the Quarterly is closed, reservations are NOT necessary. We have a unique opportunity to not only have a Grand Lodge Quarterly on a Saturday, but also to have it within our District.

I had a wonderful month in November attending the Veterans Nights at the Lodges in our District. I was able to thank the Brethren and listen to many exciting stories from their experiences in the Military. The Grand Master gave me several ties to present to the WWII Veterans within our District. It was an honor to present 11 of the ties to our WWII Brothers. Thank you again to all of our Veterans who have served, those who are serving, and also for those who will serve in the future. Never Forget.

I look forward to seeing you this Saturday at the December Quarterly. Don’t forget, arrive early.

Be safe and enjoy every day,

Brother Ron

Pictures from various Veteran’s Nights throughout the district:

One Day Conferral

Saturday morning, October 6, 2018, Lodge No. 43 F. & A. M. held a One Day Conferral for 9 candidates, most from the local Police Departments, Fire Departments, and other First Responders. Thank you to Brothers Joshua D. Parmer, P.M., Gene H. Duncan, and Ronald B. Carson, DDGM01, for organizing this event. Also, thank you to all the Brothers that served as guides, officers, and supporters from across the First Masonic District. It was a great day of fellowship and enjoyable for all, especially our new Master Masons and Brothers in Freemasonry.


District Deputy’s Message Aug. 9th. 2018


Although we have called off from Labor, there are still many exciting events that have been taking place within the First Masonic District.  Thank you for the invitations to attend your family picnics and Lodge events in July and August. The Hunt of a Lifetime sponsored by the Windows Sons and the Annual Ox Roast at Ashara-Casiphia Lodge, No. 551, as well as many others, were very enjoyable.  Keep up the hard work and the fellowship, it is appreciated by all.

The Right Worshipful Grand Master, Brother S. Eugene Herritt has formed a Ritual Competition throughout the state.  It is my pleasure to announce that the First Masonic District, with the assistance of Brother Jeffrey S. Moyer, PM, Principal of the School of Instruction and 16 other Members of our District have formed a team to represent our District. Due to previously scheduled events, the preliminary judging will take place at the School Of Instruction at the Manheim Lodge No. 587 on Monday, August 27, 1018. School will start promptly at 6:45 p.m. with a short opening and judging will begin at 7:00 p.m.  Brother Larry A. Buzzard, PM, Director of Ritualistic Work and Brother Paul A. Sutcliffe, Jr., PM, Regional Instructor, Region 2 will be in attendance to judge our team. There will be no questions or comments made during the judging. This will be a great evening to learn, observe, and support the Members of our District.  Please support them.

I am looking forward to seeing you and getting back to work.  Please take a look at the upcoming events and put them on your schedule.  

Brother Ronald B. Carson, DDGM 01


Pictures from Ashira-Casiphia Lodge No. 551’s Ox Roast


District Deputy Message May 21, 2018

May 21, 2018


The past six weeks have been very busy for all of us.  The most memorable experiences this month again were the presentations of the Gold Emblems to our 50, 60, and 70 year Members. The Brethren receiving these awards have all remarked how wonderful it was to see all of you in attendance to honor them for their service.  Their stories and remarks were special and comforting to hear.

The Wreath Laying at Brother James Buchannan’s gravesite was a great event for the Freemasons, our Military, and our Community.  Short speeches were given by State and Local Representatives, a Brigadier General, as well as your District Deputy. Civil War reenactors shot a three round volley with their rifles in remembrance of Brother James.  I was honored for the invitation from Lodge No. 43 to participate in the event. I hope to see many more Brethren participate next year. It was a beautiful day.

The Bridging the Gap Dinner held at the John Wrights Restaurant in Wrightsville was a spectacular evening.  Brother Gregg Moore, Wrightsville Lodge, No. 503 and Brother Larry Hudson, Lamberton Lodge, No. 496 put a lot of effort and time to arrange this wonderful evening for all of us.  Everyone I spoke to could not say enough about the evening and agreed that we should have more events like this. For those of you who hesitated not to come, you missed a great evening.   Thank you Brother Gregg and Brother Larry, we are looking forward to the next one.

Although an exhausting experience, we had a fun day at the Dodgeball for the DeMolay. Ashara-Casiphia Lodge, No. 551 was the first team to be eliminated. Worshipful Master, Richard A. Gibble(No. 551) and his team, all members from his Lodge, did a great job despite their early loss.  I really appreciate the Brothers who attended and so did the DeMolay. Some of the Brothers were so excited they said, “Brother Ron lets organize this for the Masons in September or October.” I told them to call me the following day and let me know after they see how they felt.  I still have not heard from anyone.

I have, with the help of Brother Ron Baier, PM, Manheim Lodge; No. 587 organized a Past Master Night to be held June 23rd at the Elstonville Sportsman Club from 6:00p.m. – 9:00 p.m.  If you have the Word of the Chair, meaning, you are a Past Master or a current Worshipful Master, I would like to invite you to the first annual Past Master Night.  The meal will be catered by Hess’s Barbecue. The cost is $25.00. Please RSVP by June 15th to your Lodge Secretary. See the Newsletter for details.

Remember to put on your schedule the Grand Lodge Quarterly and the  Lodge of Research. There are buses available from the Masonic Villages but you must RSVP for a seat.  Details and other events are available online.

And lastly, please remember to support your Lodge and Officers as well as your new Members.  Fellowship and Mentoring are very important to establish Brotherly Love and the feeling of belonging to something great, like our Fraternity.

Thank you for your support and fraternally,

Brother Ronald B. Carson, DDGM 01


50, 60,70 Year Presentation as Ashara-Casiphia Lodge No. 551


Official Visitation and 50, 60, 70 Year Presentations at Ephrata Lodge No. 665


Official Visitation and 50, 60, 70 Year Presentations at Manheim Lodge No. 587


Official Visitation and 50, 60, 70 Year Presentations at Columbia Lodge No. 286


One Day Conferral by “Goose and Gridiron Breakfast Society ‘Degree Team'”

Over ten years ago, what started as a small group of Lamberton Lodge No. 476 members getting together Thursday mornings for breakfast, has grown into a weekly gathering nicknamed “The Goose and Gridiron Breakfast Society”. The informal get-together now regularly attracts Brothers, friends, and family from several Lodges and Districts in the area.

One of these regular attendees, Bro. Robert R. Mowrer Jr., originally a member of Andrew H. Hershey Lodge No. 764, now holding membership in both Lodge No. 43 and Lamberton Lodge No. 476, began bringing his son, Robert R. Mowrer III, to breakfast. After attending for over a year, Bob the III, asked if he could join the Fraternity and Lamberton Lodge No. 476. The answer was a resounding YES. The regularly attendees of breakfast were thrilled to hear that Bob the III would soon join their ranks, but due to Bob’s work schedule, and his father’s limited travels, the group went to labor in search of a solution for conferral dates.

On April 14th, 2018, by dispensation, Lamberton Lodge No. 476 conferred all three degrees on Bob Mowrer III.

ALL in attendance including: officers, conferring Masters, and visitors, for the one day conferral, were regular attendees of the Goose and Gridiron Breakfast Society, including Bob’s father, who sat Chaplain for the degrees.

It was a day full of emotions, and Bro. Bob Mowrer Jr. was a very proud father that day. There may not have been a dry eye in the Lodge room when Bro. Bob addressed his son and new Master Mason, presenting him with his first lapel pin and first words of Masonic encouragement.  It was a pleasure and honor for all Goose and Gridiron Masons to be in attendance and share in the Mowrers’ Masonic experience.

The Goose and Gridiron Breakfast Society meets Thursdays, 9:00 AM, at the Moveable Feast, 350 Highland Dr., Mountville PA, 17554 

District Deputy’s message April 2, 2018

Brethren and Friends,

I hope this message finds you all well and you all have enjoyed the Holiday with your family and friends.

There has been a lot happening within the First Masonic District and as each week passes, I find myself more and more proud to be a member of this District.  I am looking forward to working together to ensure our Lodges, District, and Fraternity continues to achieve every goal we set out to accomplish.

I would like everyone to take a moment to think about the time and commitment that the Officers and Committees of your Blue Lodge or Appendant Bodies have made to you and your Lodge.  They work very hard to ensure the meetings are successful and enjoyable and that your Lodge continues to grow.  Brethren, their wages are paid by your attendance.  I am asking all of you to put aside an evening or two to join your Brothers at Lodge and support the Officers.  Your Lodge wants your attendance and your Officers deserve it.  Please support them; I am quite sure that you will not be disappointed.

Our Lodges are approved by the Right Worshipful Grand Master to open our Stated Meetings in the Entered Apprentice Masons Degree to allow our Candidates to attend before they become Master Masons.  I am encouraging the Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Masons to attend the Stated Meetings of their Lodge.  This helps achieve what is most important to all of us, fellowship. The only stipulation is that they cannot vote until they become a Master Mason. Please invite them to your Stated Meeting.

During the past three months, the 10 Worshipful Masters and I have been working on a new advancement program for our Candidates and we will need your help as we move forward with it.  In order for a Candidate to be advanced to the next Degree, they will need to be educated on the Degree and truly understand the Oath and Obligation of a Freemason and appreciate its value.  Degree proficiency and attendance at Mentoring sessions are requirements for advancement.  No candidate will be advanced who have not met the requirements set forth by the Lodge and Mentoring Committee.  Brethren, the main goal is to have our Candidates earn their next degree so that they may better understand how important this great Fraternity is to all of us.  Please contact your mentoring committee for any questions.

A District Mentoring Session has been set up on the Fourth Monday, 7:00 pm, at Manheim Lodge No. 587 in the lower level.  This is the same night as School of Instruction.  Candidates will join us for opening of School and then go downstairs for mentoring in their current degree.  Anyone who may feel like they may have missed something before is more than welcome to join us. This is a great way to get your Candidate to meet other Brethren, learn, and see a different part of Freemasonry.  Please encourage this to your Candidates.  Contact Brother Ivan Arnold, PM, Abraham C. Treichler Lodge, No. 682 for further details.

Enjoy the rest of the Newsletter and look at the upcoming dates and events, you can view and subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at Lodge.

Brother Ron, DDGM 01

Pictured: S. Eugene Herritt, RWGM, Christopher M. Gibson, PM, Ronald B. Carson DDGM 01 at Riverside Lodge No. 503 in Wrightsville, PA.


Upcoming Education Events

There are plenty of upcoming Educational Events occurring in the First Masonic District in the upcoming weeks:

2/20/18: Our friends at the Lancaster Lodge of Perfection are hosting guest speaker, Matthew D. Dupee, and is open to ALL Master Masons: CLICK HERE for more information.


3/3/18: Lodge No. 43 is hosting a Lecture Series with Christopher Rodkey, and Jason Richards and Jon Ruark from the Masonic Roundtable Podcast. CLICK HERE for more information. 


3/17/18:  The PA Academy of Masonic Knowledge will be hosting their Spring 2018 meeting at Masonic Villages in Elizabethtown PA. CLICK HERE for more information.

Relay For Life 2018

It is that time again, the First Masonic District will be participating in the 2018 Relay for Life. This event will take place June 8-9 (beginning Friday at 4 pm until Saturday 4 pm) at the Conestoga Valley High School.  Last year we had a great turnout from Jobs Daughters, as well as members of the First Masonic District.  This year we are looking for active participation from all lodges so that we may have a strong presence at this event.  In lieu of collecting funds for t-shirts, we are asking all lodges to donate directly to the Relay for Life team. For more information click here to contact the event chairman.

CLICK HERE to visit our Team page: Freemasons for a Cure.